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Supercharge Your Skin

Where skincare meets science and sustainability. As the proud distributor of this award-winning range of supplements, Margifox Distributors is delighted to introduce you to a world of premium skincare solutions that go beyond conventional beauty products.

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Commitment to Skincare Excellence

Advanced Nutrition Programme is more than just a skincare supplement brand – it's a testament to innovation, research, and a passion for healthy, radiant skin. Founded by David Alpert, Managing Director and Co-founder of Advanced Nutrition Programme, the supplements are extensively researched, tested and formulated using premium ingredients to support skin health and enhance overall well-being, helping clients to achieve 100% skincare.

Award Winning

These product awards are a testament to the efficacy, being recognised by prestigious press and beauty associations worldwide. From the rigorous production process to a strong commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable packaging, Advanced Nutrition Programme offers a holistic approach to skincare that is both effective and environmentally conscious.


From science to skin - The six P's of Advanced Nutrition Programme


Paper research

Advanced Nutrition Programme meticulously researches ingredients worldwide and prioritises evidence-based nutrition for all our product formulations, overseen by our Head of Nutrition, Lorraine Perretta. 



Our products adhere to strict manufacturing standards in FDA and Health Canada registered facilities. Raw materials are carefully stored in controlled environments, ensuring quality packing and assembly and meeting pharmaceutical-grade standards. Additionally, we maintain complete traceability of all ingredients, sourcing high-quality components globally.


Purity and potency

Advanced Nutrition Programme products prioritise ingredients that are familiar to the body and designed for optimal absorption. They meet global regulations, are GMO-free, sustainably sourced, and often organic. We prioritise vegan and vegetarian options and avoid common allergens. Rigorous third-party testing ensures purity and potency, guaranteeing that what's on the label matches what's in the product.


Pilot studies

The team at Advanced Nutrition Programme conduct rigorous in-house trials using advanced equipment akin to NASA's to assess skin health. These 12-week pilot studies evaluate various skin parameters, ensuring our products deliver visible improvements and providing additional assurance of their effectiveness.



Advanced Nutrition Programme is committed to a clean-label journey with sustainable packaging choices. Our recycled card packaging is recyclable, tin and aluminium containers are infinitely recyclable, and our FSC-certified paper ensures responsible sourcing. Tin pots are hermetically sealed, protecting products from moisture, oxygen, and light to maintain nutrient integrity.



Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements are uniquely formulated for skin health, promoting a radiant, youthful complexion through an inside-out approach. Advanced Nutrition Programme is dedicated to continuously improving our products for effectiveness, safety, and environmental sustainability.

Skin results are in...

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Want to offer 100% skincare in your business?

Advanced Nutrition Programme™ turns traditional skincare inside out with its innovative, award-winning range of evidence-based oral skincare supplements. While, in fact, topical skincare provides only 50% of the solution, these potent nutritional blends work with it in synergy, addressing specific skin concerns to offer 100% skin care.

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