4 Game-Changing Reasons Skin Supplements Are a Must-Have for Modern Beauty Therapists

4 Game-Changing Reasons Skin Supplements Are a Must-Have for Modern Beauty Therapists

The world of beauty therapy is evolving, and there is a new trend in town: nutricosmetics. The beauty supplement industry, which promotes beauty from within, is worth A$29 million and is expected to grow in the next decade. Consumers who are well-versed in effective at-home skincare treatments are already familiar with taking supplements for their skin, hair, and nails are driving this trend. These clients are known as 'skintellectuals'.

Recently, we had the pleasure of learning from Lorraine Perretta, Head of Nutrition at Advanced Nutrition Programme, who hosted an engaging webinar on the power of feeding the skin from the inside with nutrition and beauty supplements. Lorraine is a powerhouse of knowledge and inspiration. To help you maximise your client's skin goals, we have compiled five game-changing reasons why skin supplements are a must for modern beauty therapists.

1. Delivering 100% skincare to all your clients

100% skincare is a holistic approach to skin health, resulting in faster, more noticeable changes in skin health. When we treat our clients, we want to provide noticeable results that solidify their trust in us and validate their spending on treatments and retail products. The very best way to do this is with a holistic, 100% approach; this means treating and prescribing:

  • 50% internal care (feeding the skin and addressing the deeper layers), and
  • 50% external care (fortifying the skin via topicals and in-clinic treatments).

2. Balancing the gut connection to treat underlying skin concerns

Extensive research identifies a unique connection between our gut and our skin and how skin conditions can reflect underlying imbalances. We create 200 million skin cells per hour, and the health of those cells is directly correlated to what we provide our body with to do this work. Paying attention to our state of internal health and treating our gut improves the quality and function of the skin at its deepest levels. Working on a healthier cellular base in conjunction with treatments and topicals allows the delivery of faster, more significant results for your clients.

3. Advanced Nutrition Programme works with your existing brands

Advanced Nutrition Programme sits on the shelf with any skincare range and allows you to take a deeper, holistic approach to skincare. Feeding the skin internally and fortifying the skin externally allows for quicker and better results than topicals alone.

There are many ingestibles on the market, many being a one-size-fits-all supplement for hair, skin and nails. Just as you wouldn’t treat oily skin the same as dry skin, the same should apply to our approach to internal health. Advanced Nutrition Programme developed innovative skin supplements to address specific skin conditions directly. Formulated in their Skin Health Research Center with a multi-disciplinary team across medicine, pharmacology, nutrition and cosmetology. Advanced Nutrition Programme's range is a collection of highly targeted and efficacious products that holistically address the skin.

4. Prescribing with confidence – A three-step approach

Conversation: Sharing that you take a holistic approach to skin allows you to introduce the concept of feeding your skin from the inside and fortifying with treatments and products on the outside.

Consultation: The skin is a mirror of nutrition, health and lifestyle. During consultation, you can enquire about these factors to get a full picture of what is contributing to, and possibly exacerbating, a skin concern or condition. A happy gut definitely has a relationship with happy skin. Here’s a few things to probe in your consult to identify if your client has a “SAD” gut:

  • S = Smoking, sleep issues, stress
  • A = Age (our gut diversity changes as we age), antibiotics, alcohol
  • D = Diet (low fibre, high sugar, high carbs = sad gut)

Other hints of imbalance of microbes in the gut are digestive symptoms such as bloating, constipation, lethargy, poor concentration, depression and/or poor skin quality.

Connection: Create a treatment plan targeted to your client’s specific needs. Recommending a highly targeted internal and external care program builds their trust in you and your expertise. Encourage taking a “before” photo to serve as a reminder of how their skin will continue to change and improve under your care.

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With over 30 years of experience as a Nutritionist, Lorraine Perretta is Head of Nutrition at Advanced Nutrition Programme and has educated tens of thousands of skincare professionals worldwide and inspired skincare therapists, medical aestheticians and dermatologists to include nutrition as a key pillar for skin health.

Looking to learn more? As a stockist of Advanced Nutrition Programme, you can watch the recording of our exclusive webinar "New direction for the 21st-century beauty therapist with Lorraine Perretta." Click HERE to watch.

Want to support your client's skin throughout all phases of life with a 100% skincare approach? Help your clients achieve healthy, happy skin from within, contact us to learn more. 

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