Steps to Fostering Client Loyalty...

Steps to Fostering Client Loyalty...

Boost Sales and Loyalty with Seasonal Events

Hosting regular makeup events in your clinic is an integral way to grow your clientele, increase sales and continue to position yourself as the go-to experts in your field whilst also rewarding your loyal VIP customers. Depending on your target clientele events can be hosted throughout the working week, during late night shopping, after hours or on the weekend.

Hosting key seasonal events throughout the year to reconnect with your clients provides an opportunity for you to also generate natural word of mouth referrals. Encourage your clients to bring a friend, daughter or mother and create a supportive and friendly environment for them to embrace your services, learn more about your business and spend time shopping without you needing to rush to your next appointment.

The key to creating a unique experience at your event is showcasing something new and exciting such as a new product release, what’s trending in the industry and the unique benefits of using the brand you choose to carry. To make your event a calendar highlight and memorable in the eyes of your clients, include these top tips:

  • Welcome guests on arrival to guide them through to the event area.
  • Keep excitement up with lucky door prizes throughout the event. 
  • Create exclusive deals for your retail products and services and advertise these prior to the event. 
  • Display a live makeup demonstration and explain tips throughout. 
  • Be ready with multiple makeup stations for colour matching after your event presentation. 
  • Encourage staff members to mingle with guests so that all clients have the opportunity to ask questions, try and buy. 

Send each client home with a beautiful gift bag including brochures, samples and a gift voucher to ensure they return to your salon with limited edition offers or promotions.

Create a Memorable Instore Experience Through Merchandising 

Captivating retail displays will increase product sales, increase walk-in traffic and keep your clients interested before and after their treatments. We bring you our three key visual merchandising techniques that you can easily implement in your salon or clinic today.

1. Refresh your clinic displays

Just like you would re-organise the furniture in your home, relocate your jane iredale display to a different part of your waiting area for a fresh new take on the space and the products. Move displays around regularly, testing focus product displays and highlighting seasonal products throughout your clinic to consistently drive interest. Once you find a display area, shelf, wall or table that results in improved sales, maximise on this area by keeping the product displays refreshed on a weekly basis, ensuring they’re always well-stocked and signed to generate more impulse buys. You have now found your hot spot area, keep it interesting and you will notice an increased turnover of product sales.

2. Make it memorable

Captivate your clients by appealing to as many of their five senses as possible (taste, sight, touch, smell and sound). Your retail product area should be well signed, have warm lighting and be fully stocked to draw attention to your products. Your clinic experience should evoke an emotion and create memories, so it’s important to select your music playlist carefully. Think about your clinic’s signature scent and add tactile elements such as testers to touch, feel and test. Taste is a sense that always leaves a lasting impression. Do you offer every client a refreshment as part of your welcoming or post-treatment protocol? Infused water is refreshing and visually pleasing. A petite bliss ball on the side or a piece of fresh fruit and a chocolate treat are all little extras that can really set you apart. When you make your clients feel valued and special they’ll want to come back for more.

3. ‘Power of 3’

Make product selection effortless, simply group products that work well together. Get creative and sit groups of products alongside each other that work well together, are suited to the current seasons, a hot new trend, a special calendar event or keep it simple and package products to suit certain skin types. Alternatively, group colours or products with similar price points together to effortlessly prescribe the tried and tested jane iredale ‘Power of 3’ philosophy.

Tip: For more event inspiration and to download jane iredale event posters and invitations visit the Professional Log In or contact your Account Executive for more information.

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