What is one of the key anti-ageing superfood ingredients for the skin?

What is one of the key anti-ageing superfood ingredients for the skin?

Superfoods are defined as a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for your overall health and well-being. But have you ever given a thought to what anti-ageing superfood ingredients could benefit your skin?

Peptides, an anti-aging superfood...

Peptides are not new to the world of skin care, but they are certainly one of the key ingredients used in anti-aging skin care products, making them a superfood for your skin.

These superfood ingredients are recognised by cell membrane receptors and bind to these receptors creating very specific effects that are often anti-ageing. Topical anti-ageing skin care products containing peptides help to stimulate intercellular communication leaving skin more resilient and youthful-looking.

Skin is comprised primarily of collagen protein in a long chain of amino acid segments. This provides the structural foundation and thickness of the skin and this unbroken collagen chain is what gives youthful skin its volume and firmness. However, collagen does break down, due to ageing, sun damage and environmental stress factors. Broken down collagen forms shorter amino acid segments and these segments are known as peptides.

These increasingly popular superfood ingredients are scientifically proven to act as sophisticated messengers, nourishing the skin’s surface in a way that helps transform it on many levels to appear noticeably younger, with a renewed feeling of firmness, and a more even-looking complexion.

Peptides are very well researched. Just like vitamins, antioxidants and moisturising ingredients, there are many excellent peptides. When all of these elements are combined in a skin care product to address the multiple visible signs of aging, they can do remarkable things.

It should make sense then to rather use skin care products that contain peptides rather than considering some more invasive anti-aging procedures that are available.

In addition to the other highly effective and active ingredients of vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants, peptides make Environ Skin Care products the ultimate all-round anti-ageing skin treatment that can produce beautiful results.

Tri-Peptide Complex Avance Moisturiser contains super-smart peptide complexes

For a power-packed boost of peptides, try Environ Focus Care™ Youth+ Tri-Peptide Complex Avance Moisturiser, that includes three super-smart peptide complexes: Matrixyl® 3000, Trylagen® and Matrixyl® Synthe 6. This collagen-stimulating group effectively smooths the visible appearance of lines and wrinkles, making skin appear firmer, silkier and more youthfully radiant.

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