Where to start with Skincare Supplements?

Where to start with Skincare Supplements?

We asked Lorraine Perretta, Head of Nutrition at Advanced Nutrition Programme some of your most frequently asked questions!

The answers will be beneficial for those of you introducing supplements into your and your clients' skincare regimes for the first time.

Lorraine has over 30 years of experience in the industry and believes, “the Twenty-First Century will see the ‘beauty from within’ concept play a powerful role for individuals.”

Q. If a client is concerned about reducing fine lines and wrinkles but can only purchase one product out of the Australian range, which product would you recommend?

A. "This question comes up everywhere and it’s an interesting one because, do people ask this about topical skincare? A cleanser, toner and moisturiser all work together - do you just buy the toner? Well, it’s probably best to buy all of them. The same with makeup, imagine just choosing one item, it’s a tough decision. Supplements are just like a skincare routine and everyday makeup look in the way various products work in synergy with one another. But if you’re only going to buy one product, buy Skin Clear Biome. Buy a Probiotic. A happy gut will be the best start for your skin."


Q. How do Probiotics like the Skin Clear Biome work?

A. "How the probiotics work is they enhance your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients you are already taking in from your food. That is why it is best to take supplements with your biggest meal of the day."

Q. Which one product would you recommend for a first-time skincare supplement user?

A. "Skin Clear Biome! But don’t be afraid to add what you need for the results you want."

Q. What are your thoughts on some people seeing breakouts when taking the Skin Ultimate?

A. "While this doesn’t happen often, usually people who notice breakouts when taking the Skin Ultimate have very low levels of vitamin A and as a result the skin can get a bit reactive to the vitamin A. It is recommended that you stop taking the Skin Vit A+ capsules or stop Skin Ultimate completely and let the skin settle down before you reintroduce more gradually. You can introduce it every three days for a week or two. Then every two days and gradually work your way to every day. This seems to work as the reaction to vitamin A is an acclimatising problem rather than it actually causing a breakout. So, gradually re-introducing the Skin Vit A+ capsule is what you can do to combat this."

Q. With acne-prone skin, what two Advanced Nutrition Programme products are the best to combine? 

A. "Skin Clear Biome has been known to work really quickly for problem skin and with that the Skin Omegas+are a great place to start initially because they help balance the sebum. I know we think ‘oh my god I’ve got too much oil’ when people have problem skin, but it changes the consistency of sebum. So, Skin Clear Biome and Skin Omegas+ initially and then as things start to calm and settle down pulse in the Skin Vit C and the Skin Collagen Support to help with healing and reducing the risk of scarring."

Q. If we’re taking multiple capsules for example Skin Ultimate, Skin Vit C and Skin Collagen Support, do you advise we take them all together or do we stagger them over the day?

A. "You can take them altogether. When you eat a meal your body is used to having vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, all mixed in and is able to absorb it altogether. 

This can also be easier to remember. The best advice is to take it with the biggest meal of the day because you’ll absorb more. Studies show that when you took a fat-soluble vitamin like vitamin D, people absorbed up to 50% more when they had it with a main meal than when they had it with just a slice of toast."

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