10 Social Media Tips for Salons / Clinics

10 Social Media Tips for Salons / Clinics

“The purpose of creating on-brand content is to attract YOUR salon’s ideal client. Your brand is the personality of your business. This is what makes you stand out, positions you as an expert and makes people want to come to your business! Here are my top 10 tips to inspire you to create on-brand content that your ideal client can fall in love with.” - Natalie Roberts, Director, Salon Social Media

1. Be clear on your brand values

  • Ask yourself why you do it? How do you want your clients to feel? What do you want them to experience in your salon.
  • Create a mood board and map it out visually.
  • Be okay with changing things up a little.
  • Communicate this through logo, fonts, colours and images you share.

2. Use your voice

  • Consider the tone in which you write about topics and the opinions that you share.
  • Don’t try to be someone else.
  • Think of your posts as a one-sided conversation with your ideal client that comes into the salon/clinic.
  • Share this voice throughout your social content and keep it personal, relevant and real. 

3. Get clear on your core message and what you offer

  • Ask yourself, what is the one thing I want to focus on being known for? How do I do things differently? What makes my business unique?
  • What are my customers challenges, issues, negative beliefs and how does my salon stand out and do things differently for the client. 

4. Identify who your ideal audience is 

Once you are clear on your message make sure you identify with your ideal client through your content. They will identify themselves and say, ‘hey that’s me!’ when they come across any of your posts.

5. Create relevant content

  • When you are clear on your brand and you love it, you will be excited about it! You will want to keep sharing what you do in the salon/clinic through social media.
  • Showcase pictures of your ideal client, post content that your ideal client values.

6. Make a habit out of it

  • You are likely passionate about what you do and love it! So don’t just share it with your clients. Turn what you share with clients into amazing, shareable and life-changing content for social media!
  • Do a daily video, take pictures, post and share the inspiration and knowledge you share with clients on social media.

7. Master the basics first

  • Don’t just jump into Facebook adverts and think social media doesn’t work because you spent a bit of money on an advert and no one came in for the offer.
  • Make sure you have the basics set up – Facebook page logo, Facebook cover photo, website, Instagram page – make sure it all is up-to-date and in line with your brand, so people really get what your salon is about.

8. Plan it out

  • Create a list of topics that you want to post about regularly.
  • Get staff involved in the creation process, have a content creation session with your staff.
  • Create a library of content, pictures, videos and inspiration so you always have an abundance of content to share.

9. Use Canva.com

  • The perfect tool for assisting in content creation and imagery.
  • Use stock images, but use a design tool like Canva.com to apply your brand filters and other elements to make the images unique, on-brand and stand out!

10. Sit down and write out your 10 best ever client stories!

If clients react to and love these things happening in the salon/clinic, then why wouldn’t people love to hear these stories on social media.

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