Stockist Q&A: E-Sab Skin Clinic

Stockist Q&A: E-Sab Skin Clinic

Proving it’s never too late to start a business and follow your dreams, Katrina Peacock set up her own clinic at age 38 to help clients suffering from product sensitivity. We had the pleasure of discussing the growth and point of difference associated with her clinic, E-Sab Skin Clinic.

Q. When and why did you establish E-Sab Skin Clinic?

A. E-sab Skin Clinic was established 15 years ago when I was 38 years old. I had been involved in aesthetics for many years and my children were at an age where I felt I could commit to running a business full time. It was a time when skin care ingredients finally had some science to back up their inclusion in formulations and then I discovered Environ a company where beauty and science were not mutually exclusive.

Q. What is your area of expertise and how did you develop this?

A. Given my own history of product sensitivity, chin acne, pregnancy melasma and eczema flare-ups, I naturally gravitate toward the more complex, compromised sensitive skin types. I understand their frustration and can empathise with the struggle of dealing with the heat, uncomfortable nerve sensations and periodic breakouts.

Q. Why is it important to your business to establish a library of client case studies?

A. 10 years ago we decided to invest in a siascope so that we would be able assess and document objectively the progress of our client’s treatment plans. The siascope images are vascular damage at 2mm, pigment at the
epidermal/dermal junction and an overall sun damage view. 

From a practical point of view many of the positive responses that occur in the skin when starting with Environ
skin care take periods of months and it is impossible to recall the exact circumstances of any one skin without this extensive documentation.

We also use the documentation and images to form our individual treatment protocols. We know that as skin age it is affected in a myriad of ways both intrinsically and extrinsically.

Extrinsically many things contribute to the health of the skin and it is often what we miss that is important. For
example, I was treating a woman in her early twenties for acne. Unfortunately, her acne though somewhat better, persisted after three months. Her review appointment revealed chronic inflammation at a vascular level. Though her barrier was intact. Upon questioning, it was discovered that she had recently taken up distance swimming and was spending hours in a chlorinated pool several times per week compromising her barrier function for several hours at a time. A simple barrier cream for use in the pool changed the course of this clients’ condition.

Q. Can you share with us your most successful client case study?

A. At this point I should disclose that Lynn’s presentation was so severe that I commenced her treatment after consulting the Environ medical director and with the permission of her Doctor.

1. Initial presentation

The client presented with the most severe form of Lupus that I have ever seen. The skin had no barrier function, was red, inflamed with papules and multiple pinhead pustules, open comedones and hundreds of milia. It was thickened, tanned and she sweated profusely.The client had no skin routine or sunblock but daily used a topical corticosteroid prescribed by her Dermatologist. The condition had persisted for seven years and was becoming worse with time.

2. Diagnosis

Client had been diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) seven years prior by her Dermatologist.

3. Skincare Prescription

AVST Pre-Cleansing Oil and Mild Cleansing Lotion, Hydrating Clay Masque, Intensive Antioxidant Gel, C-Quence Serum 1, C-Quence Crème and Colostrum Gel.

4. In-Clinic Treatments

DF iontophoresis progressing from treatment gel and colostrum to retinol over the course of 12 weeks.

5. Outcome – duration

During the initial 3 months of weekly treatment she could cut back and finally discontinue the use of her steroid crème as the condition went into remission. It is important to understand that Lupus can never be cured. And a further two years of monthly treatments to address the chronic sun damage

6. Before and After photos

Q. How does Environ factor into a successful skin transformation?

A. I simply cannot transform any skin without Vitamin A – and adequate sun protection. But not just any vitamin
A, for example, it would be entirely possible to repair the waterproofing capabilities of a mature, dry sun damaged skin with long term use of prescription tretinoin. But would the client comply? Most likely, at the first response they would discontinue the treatment. In fact, this happens often. But with an approach of starting low and going slow with retinyl palmitate or proprionate, not only will the skin improve and remain comfortable but the client will be happy. Having many forms and strengths of vitamin A increases the range of skin conditions that you can successfully treat.

Q. Your Christmas tree is always a client favourite – can you share with us how this concept contributes to your Holiday Season success?

A. Christmas is my client’s favourite time of year. In business, I have never believed in discounting our services
or product offering. In fact all year I squirrel away luxury samples and full-size products to give away from our gift giving tree. Anyone who purchases a service, large or small gets to choose a gift from my tree during the month of December. Some prizes are products and come with a how-to lesson or treatment. Others are full service treatments we want to promote and 2 lucky clients get to win a package of treatments worth $1,500. All gifts come with a review appointment and siascope imaging in January. I find January is an excellent time to review your clients concerns and this promotion gives me many months of work and new clients.

TIP: I encourage my clients to bring their friends in to make a purchase so they can receive one of our gifts.

MOTTO: Never be afraid to be generous.

Q. You are going on a beach holiday – what Environ essentials will you be packing?

A. Well it’s true I am going on a cruise. I like to travel light product wise. The holiday essentials are Alpha Day Lotion, Intensive Antioxidant Gel and the A, C & E Face and Body Oil plus Interactive Cleansing Gel. I use the Antioxidant Gel and A, C & E Face and Body Oil for its photoprotective qualities and slather the sunscreen over the top. Then simply cleanse and reapply Antioxidant Gel and the oil in the evening for repair overnight.

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