Seasonal Colour Matching

Seasonal Colour Matching

Do you colour check your clients foundation and offer new ways to change up their makeup look based on the season? Your client's wardrobe and skin isn't the same all year round, that’s why it's so important to offer a service that encourages them to book a seasonal colour match at the beginning of each new season.

It’s time to start pre-empting your client’s needs to help keep their skin on track. Here are some ideas that you can promote each season to keep your clients skin looking the best it can be. Spotlight these products each season.


Your clients may need to add warmth and a dash of ‘fake’ sun to their complexion which can be achieved by going up a foundation shade or adding a bronzer. The other makeup issue that crops up during the summer months is shine from the heat and humidity. Showing your clients how to use a mattifying finishing power can solve their issue instantly.


Our skin changes and our sun-kissed complexion starts to fade. Re-colour matching can be a case of stripping back the bronzer and mixing a summer and winter shade while we transition to the cooler months. Adding in an organic antioxidant boost like our Hydration Sprays and teaching your clients how to contour their face using their summer bronzer can be a simple way to switch from summer to autumn with minimal fuss.


Your clients will be reaching for their lightest shade of foundation and ramping up their makeup look to add life and definition to their features. Teach your clients how to use a cream blush, contour kit or a shimmer bronzer to give their complexion a flawless finish instead of a washed-out, dull-looking skin, often associated with winter skin. A darker lip colour, smoky eye and beautifully defined brows are always in season during the cooler months. Products that nurture, hydrate and contribute to skin health will benefit every client and that's why jane iredale is the makeup your clients need to be wearing all year round to ensure their skin is glowing.


Spring is all about colour. As your client’s wardrobe evolves to match the warm spring weather, they’ll be reaching for their bright lip shade and softer eye shadow with a dash of bronzer. Spring is the perfect season to brighten their look with a few key products in a new shade to update their look to this year’s hot new shades.

To give your clients a personalised makeup experience, consider adding an express seasonal colour match offer to your treatment menu. At the beginning of each season, promote your seasonal colour-matching service. Offer a 15-minute consultation, and you can charge a minimal fee, redeemable on product. Then, go for gold. Make sure you use at least 5-10 products, including brushes, to get the best result and a lovely product order for your efforts.

The following statement can be used on your treatment menu to entice clients: "Let us show you how to achieve a fresh makeup update this season. We’ll help you find the perfect foundation package and makeup shades that suit your skin tone, lifestyle and features so that you look your best every day. Express seasonal colour matching fee is redeemable on product purchased on the day."

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