Vitamin A Fast Facts

Vitamin A Fast Facts

As you would already know, vitamin A is the only scientifically known element that keeps skin healthy and combats the visible signs of ageing. Your clients are curious and involved with their skin care treatments and have a world of information at their fingertips. Delight them with something new about vitamin A.

  1. Vitamin A belongs to a family of organic chemicals called Retinoids. Retinoids occur naturally in the human body and are closely linked to the chemistry of vision in the retina of the eye.

  2. Vitamin A promotes a healthy skin thickness resulting in a smoother appearance and texture.

  3. Vitamin A can normalise how a skin cell functions and can influence its behaviour to act more youthfully.

  4. Vitamin A encourages the synthesis of healthy collagen and elastin for a firmer looking skin.

  5.  Supplements may help replenish lost vitamin A but not as effectively as topical application to the skin.

  6. Temporary sensitivities are a sign your client’s skin is vitamin A deficient.

  7. Absorbs UV energy and is a natural sunscreen. The more vitamin A the more protection.

  8. Levels in the skin are naturally depleted by sun exposure, almost 90% of vitamin A can be destroyed by one day of sun tanning.

  9.  Receptors in your client’s skin need to be restored after years of sun exposure to efficiently absorbs vitamin A.

  10. The Environ STEP-UP SYSTEM was designed to help the skin gradually become more comfortable with increased levels of vitamin A over time.

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