WOW Your Clients' Brows

WOW Your Clients' Brows

When a client has their brows shaped and groomed it doesn’t simply end post wax, shape and tint. Today’s brow customer is so much savvier than that - not only do they want to walk out of the salon looking as though they woke up with perfectly manicured brows, they also want to be able to re-create them easily at home. That is why it is so important for therapists to take care with completing the full brow grooming experience. This can be achieved by implementing a couple of key steps that can so easily be turned into sales.

1. Set Up

Make sure you have all the brow products that you may need accessible and they are clean and neatly laid out on a tray near where you are working. By doing this you'll be prepared with the tools suited to the brow needs of your client, plus your clients can see what product you may use on them to consider purchasing themselves. We suggest these jane iredale products:

  • Concealer
  • Camouflage Brush
  • Angle Liner/Brow Brush
  • PureBrow Precision Pencils
  • PureBrow Shaping Pencils
  • PureBrow Brow Gel
  • Disposable Spoolies

2. Treatment

Once the brows have been shaped after waxing or threading there will likely be some redness on the skin. 

  • Apply a small amount of concealer on a Camouflage Brush (we suggest jane iredale Circle\Delete as it is a creamy concealer that gives great coverage) and lightly dab it over the area that is red, blending into the skin. This step will help to soothe the redness and allow the area to appear crisp and clean whilst gently soothing the skin.
  • Next, we need to give the brows definition as this is what really helps to create the overall shape. jane iredale Retractable Brow Pencils are a quick and easy product to use as the fine tip makes it simple to define or fill in the brow with ease. The amount you use will depend on how sparse or full the brows are.

3. Define

With a light hand and short strokes simply follow the line of the brow, filling in any sparse areas as you go. The goal is to have the brow look sharp but not over-drawn. As you place product on the brow keep using your Disposable Spoolie Brush to brush the brows into place and blend the colour.

4. Set 

Now that the brows have been defined and/or filled the final step is to set them with jane iredale PureBrow Brow Gel – this will not only set brows in place but will also help the colour you have just applied to settle.

Take a Disposable Spoolie and place it into the PureBrow Gel then remove it and begin to brush the brow hairs into place on both sides.

By putting these tips into practice (which should add no more than 5 minutes to the treatment!) not only will you be creating a custom experience for your clients with amazing extra-added value, you will also be kindly educating them by showing the difference in purchasing just one or two products can make to the brow and how easy it is to recreate at home… after all, seeing is believing!

View the full range of jane iredale brow products here.

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